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The Spring Capsule Wardrobe Has Sprung!

Spring is just around the corner and that means transitioning into the warmer weather clothing. I get so excited for spring– I love getting in touch with my super feminine side by sporting skirts and dresses- they’re so easy to style and so comfy!!  I usually go about planning my wardrobe about a month in advance… that way it gives me time to purchase the items I want to add or replace.  

    So far I’m pretty happy with my wardrobe, with a few changes I plan on making.  I’ll be replacing the boots with white sneakers (converse I think?), and the vintage statement ring with a set of stackable silver/gold dainty rings. I’d also like to add a super small link dainty bracelet. As much as I love a statement piece, I’ve come to realize that I never wear them because they usually just get in the way.  Low profile jewelry is the way to go for momma life, and for anyone else that leads a very active life. SO that is my spring wardrobe! I’ll be posting how I pair these pieces together on my instagram: @jana.ullrich

    Let me know if you’re planning a capsule wardrobe!

    Thanks so much for reading!