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The Spring Capsule Wardrobe Has Sprung!

Spring is just around the corner and that means transitioning into the warmer weather clothing. I get so excited for spring– I love getting in touch with my super feminine side by sporting skirts and dresses- they’re so easy to style and so comfy!!  I usually go about planning my wardrobe about a month in advance… that way it gives me time to purchase the items I want to add or replace.  

    So far I’m pretty happy with my wardrobe, with a few changes I plan on making.  I’ll be replacing the boots with white sneakers (converse I think?), and the vintage statement ring with a set of stackable silver/gold dainty rings. I’d also like to add a super small link dainty bracelet. As much as I love a statement piece, I’ve come to realize that I never wear them because they usually just get in the way.  Low profile jewelry is the way to go for momma life, and for anyone else that leads a very active life. SO that is my spring wardrobe! I’ll be posting how I pair these pieces together on my instagram: @jana.ullrich

    Let me know if you’re planning a capsule wardrobe!

    Thanks so much for reading! 



    5 Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe

    A capsule wardrobe can be defined as a minimal collection of clothing ( usually about 30 items including shoes and accessories) that contains interchangable and versatile pieces.  I originally came across the idea from Caroline’s blog Unfancy– and when I did, my wardrobe world was turned upside down. It has changed my nights, my mornings, my days! I don’t have trouble picking out what I’m going to wear, and I always feel good and presentable.  So here are a few reasons why I think downsizing to a capsule wardrobe would benefit pretty much anyone: 
    1.  Less stress

    I used to look into full drawers and full closet thinking I had nothing to wear– STRESSFUL when you want to look put together on the fly.  I would dread parties or events because I didn’t know what I was going to wear and then think I had to go out and buy something new.  To reduce my overall stress, I set everyone’s clothes out at night– having a minimized wardrobe literally reduces the time it takes to prep at night DRASTICALLY .  I can pretty much just pick any bottom and top and they will go together, then just pick the shoes by function for that day. On dressier days I can pick a little chunky heel, and on days I’ll be running around I choose sneakers- simple as that! 

    2. Money saved

    At first, planning the capsule wardrobe may pose you to purchase a few items. For instance, this summer I need to purchase some sneakers and a few clothing items.  Once that wardrobe is in place though, you have everything you’ll need for the rest of the season. This means no need to use shopping as a hobby, and no need to spend money on fast fashion clothing or that doesn’t even go with anything you have.  Having this kind of deliberate wardrobe really helps to curb that shopping urge.  When that impulse to buy more clothing arises, try to substitute shopping with a different endorphin releasing activity.  Try listening to upbeat mysic, taking a walk in nature, doing a hobby you enjoy, or reading a book ( even reading a blog post on minimalism to help redirect yourself to your ultimate goal). 

    3.  You always like what you’re wearing (and how you look!)

    I’ve been guilty of buying clothing impulsively for an event- spending money I didn’t have and then I’ll see pictures of me wearing that outfit and UGH didn’t quite look the way I had envisioned.  The beautiful thing about putting together the capsule wardrobe is that everything is loved.  When I put mine together, I made sure to only keep clothing that I felt great in.  Anything that I even remotely felt inconfortable physically or wasn’t living how it looked on got eliminated from the wardrobe.  If you don’t live it, you won’t reach to wear it.  If you don’t wear it, it doesn’t need to be in your closet. 

    4.  Creativity:  

    I love having such versital and interchangable pieces.  Having fewer pieces means that I’ve been able to pair pieces that I wouldn’t have thought to do, just for the sake of wanting a “new” outfit.  I love giving feminine pieces like eyelet shorts or denim skirts with more tomboy pieces like sneakers and a graphic tshirt or racer back top then add a functional cross body bag, sprinkled with some simple delicate jewelry. Effortless and totally functional as a mom of toddlers.  

    5. More room: 

    This one’s a given. There’s so much more room now that I don’t have so many clothes!! My closet actually fits my husband’s clothing AND mine. I use my dresser now as storage for pictures and some of my childhood memories that were tucked away in boxes not being appreciated. I got rid of what wasn’t needed, and made room for what I love and cherish.  

    I’ll be posting how I put the pieces of my capsule wardrobe together on my instagram @jana.ullrich 

    Thanks for reading!