Muti-function and Multi-tasking


When I got inspired to start downsizing our possessions, I started looking at each item and trying to be realistic with how much I use them.   At one point my husband and I both had desks with tons of clutter ON them, IN them, and the reality was we just used them as a kind of “drop off zone”.  We looked at how much space could be opened up if we decided to get rid of his oversized desk, and kept mine which was much lower profile and only had one drawer-meaning less clutter could accumulate on it or in it.  Because I’m home with my kiddos, the reality was that I never sat at a desk.  If I tried to get planning done or had to use the laptop for anything, I usually brought it on the floor with me so that I could play or help my kids while I was taking care of my business –that or sat at the kitchen table.  So with that conclusion we got rid of his desk, and he now uses my previous desk when he needs to get paperwork done.  We used this type of thinking with everything and leaned on the Kon Mari method when it came to what we were keeping.  If it didn’t have a purpose and/or didn’t bring joy, it was gone.  We are a family of four and live in a space that’s just under 1500sf.  To some that sounds tiny and unlivable, but I love that it really challenges us to not accumulate clutter or store possessions that no one really needs anymore.  The items that we do have are loved, and/or have a definite purpose.

I love also getting creative with what we  do have instead of trying to go out and buy something on a whim for a one-time use.  This morning I needed to get myself organized and sit down with my planner to get my next week straight.  I set up shop on the floor with a cozy blanket and this amazing multi-functional basket as my “portable desk”.  It’s currently holding my workout clothes, sneakers, and flip flops, and with the top on it it’s a perfectly great desk for me! I found this basket on a buy/sell/trade Facebook group for $5.  The best things are not always the expensive things 😉 I’ll also be using it this weekend for my daughter’s birthday party to transport then hold goody bags for the little ones!  so many uses!  I find that planning and thinking about what uses an item will have BEFORE purchasing (or keeping) is the best way to save money AND keep your possessions to a minimum.

What kinds of items have multiple uses in your home?  I’d love to know–leave your comments and suggestions down below!

Thanks for reading, and happy St. Patty’s day!!



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