Personal Style and Capsule Planning 

Daylight savings happened this past weekend, and It’s hitting us hard at the Ullrich home.  Today’s been one of those days that I just can’t seem to get anything to go smoothly, and the running around doesn’t seem to be slowing down. It’s on days like today that COMFORT and UTILITY are both total necessities when it comes to clothing.  

As a momma I’ve come to the realization that heels and delicate clothing just isn’t conducive to my lifestyle right now, and that’s ok.  I’m all about COMFORT, but still want to be PRESENTABLE and feminine—  I’ve come to call that style “comfy chic”.  Knowing this has helped me SO MUCH in planning my capsule wardrobe… when figuring out what pieces to keep or replace, everything is filtered through a ” COMFORT” and then ” utility” lense.  It literally makes my life so much easier!! I used to buy clothing ALL THE TIME that I thought were so cute and thought I’d wear all the time. The reality was if it didn’t work with my daily life, it never got worn. I may have worn it once or twice, but I always reached for what would be the most comfortable and would be functional for bending over and picking up children all day.  

Finding your personal style is absolutely essential to enjoying a capsule wardrobe in my opinion. Without it, you’ll have a mish mosh of items that STILL don’t really go together, and you’ll still be feeling like there’s nothing to wear. 

Pinterest (also known as the adult babysitter) is an amazing place to find inspiration for creative ways to use your pieces that you already have, and find your personal style.  I refer here all the time especially if I start to get “bored” of the same outfits.  There’s always some creative new pairing that sparks my interest.

Let me know if finding your personal style helped you enjoy your capsule wardrobe more 🙂 

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Thanks for reading!



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