5 Areas I Still Spend Money on as a “Minimalist”

First off I must explain that I put minimalist in quotations because some people take minimalism very seriously, and I don’t think our family is AS extreme as some.  We are trying, though, to really downsize our possessions all together and put our money towards bigger goals like becoming debt free and experiences rather than material items.  In trying to simplify life for our family and get out of debt, I stopped buying cheap clothing that was on sale, I stopped buying skin and hair products constantly, I stopped spending money on little things that I thought were cute but in actuality had no purpose, and I just tried to stop spending money on things that weren’t useful or loved by our family.  There are a few areas though, that I find such a huge benefit from and I still think are worth the money.

  1.  Quality Groceries and Supplements

I absolutely believe that you are what you eat, and treating your body right from the inside out can actually help save money in the long run by keeping your body in tip top shape.  I also think quality groceries tend to TASTE better (maybe it’s psychological?), and that helps me personally not crave restaurant food so badly…I know that what I’m cooking is going to taste good to me and I won’t need to go searching for something filled with MSG to satisfy my cravings.  Likewise, quality supplements are usually more potent and more pure-so you are actually getting the benefit you’re looking for out of them.  As an example fish oil is amazing in so many ways for you, from brain health to heart health to SKIN and intestinal health, but quality fish oil is essential to avoid the excessive mercury content.

2.  Education

This is one that I believe is always something everyone should invest in.  Furthering your education is so essential to growing and developing as a human being.  By education I don’t just mean college education-although I think it’s fabulous if you have a goal and a degree that you’d going after.  Books can teach you so much about anything and everything, and learning is something that should never stop.  Some examples of what I consider amazing education are:

  • seminars/webinars (sometimes these are even free)
  • books/audio books
  •  memberships to online support groups
  • apps that make life easier and/or teach

3.  Networking

We’ve all heard the expression “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” and there’s a lot of truth to that.  Who you know can open doors that you had no idea existed, and likewise you could do the same for someone else.  A lot of times there are networking parties (sometimes free even) that can help acquire new relationships and connections.  If the opportunity is there and I am able to work on my computer, I like to just spend the $2 on a coffee out somewhere.  It puts me in the position to open up dialogue with different people and expand my network, and sometimes even knowledge base by talking to others!

4.  Vacations

Everyone needs a break at some point.  “Work hard, play hard” and I believe in that.  I personally can get really burnt out if I go hard for too long without taking a breather.  It’s something that I’ve learned is a necessity in my life and my family’s life.  We’re all much happier and refreshed when we take regular breaks and just get out of town.  There are many less expensive options like trying out AirBNB, renting a condo for a week (or a long weekend) and cooking your own food.  Sometimes it’s refreshing just to be in a different scenery altogether.

5.  Photos

To me, photos are SOO important.  With all the hustle and bustle of life, it’s so easy to literally FORGET pieces of our history, and if you have children like i do they grow up almost overnight.  I literally found myself looking through pictures of my kids in the infant stage–the pictures were almost unrecognizable.  I had forgotten what they looked like!!! thank goodness for pictures…they capture moments that our minds just cannot remember.  Nowadays pictures are saved on the cloud which is great, but if anything were to happen to technology, computers, the CLOUD, we would lose all of our history! I spend about $10 every few months just printing my favorite pictures of my kids and our family, and that is TOTALLY worth it to me.


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