My Minimalist Bag Collection

When I was younger, I LOVED accessories. I loved purses, shoes, jewelry, and anything else I could compliment an outfit with. Since becoming a mom and making the decision to de-clutter and simplify, I now find that as long as I have something that matches.. I’m happy that I don’t have to make another decision ( like what I’m going to pair today’s outfit with).  It’s so freeing to only have a few choices, and usually it’s a no brained to choose.  I have three cross body bags( all I use because they are hands free and so light) and one satchel/book bag type bag for long days/ overnight stays. 

1.  Black leather cross body bag with detachable straps:

This one I use so much, paired with my black shoes. ( usually, I pair the bag to what shoes I’m wearing with the outfit) If it’s a fancier night out, I just detach the straps and use it as a clutch. 

2.  Olive leather cross body bag:

My go to, it literally matches everything I own and light weight. 

3.  Cognac leather cross body tassel bag: this matches my cognac gladiator sandals and my heels. No brain-er when pairing it with either shoes. Yet another easy decision to make 🙂 

4.  Olive canvas and leather bag: this bag is perfect for over night trips, long days that I need to bring activities for the kids or even lunches for the three of us. I’ve also used it as a diaper bag and even a computer bag. So many uses, and so many outfits I can sport it with!

So that is my minimalist purse/bag collection that is part of my capsule wardrobe. Hope you enjoyed reading, and give it a ” like” if you did 🙂 



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